KROM SCHRODER IFD 450-5/1/1T Automatic Burner Control 84347020

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KROM SCHRODER IFD 450-5/1/1T  Automatic Burner Control

Manufacturer: KROM SCHRODER
Type:  Automatic Burner Control
Model: IFD 450-5/1/1T

Ident .no :  84347020

For directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity
continuous operation pursuant to EN 746-2
• Continuous self-testing for faults
• IFD 450 includes immediate fault lock-out following
flame failure
• IFD 454 includes restart following flame failure
• Flame control with UV sensor or ionization sensor
• Multi-flame control with an additional flame detector
• Checking that the gas valve is closed upon start-up
• EC type-tested and certified

Manufacturer KROM SCHRODER
Model IFD 450-5/1/1T  Automatic Burner Control
Condition New


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