AIRTEC KN-065-DRS Flow control valves

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Manufacturer: AIRTEC

Type: Flow control valves



Connection Namur
Nominal size 5 mm
Flow rate KN-063: 210 Nl/min, KN-065: 290 Nl/min
Weight 0.170 kg
Temperature range -25°C … +70°C
Medium Filtered, oil-free and dried compressed air according to ISO
8573-1:2010, Class 7:2:4, instrument air, free of aggressive
additives. Alternatively the pressure dew point must be at
least 10°C below lowest occurring ambient temperature.
Materials Body: Al (anodized) seals: NBR inner parts: brass
Valves in accordance with 2014/34/EU (ATEX) available.

Manufacturer AIRTEC
Model KN-065-DRS Flow control valves
Condition New


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