WAGO 750-1504 16-Channel Digital Output Module

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Manufacturer: Wago
Type: 16-Channel Digital Output Module
Model: 750-1504

Technical data
Number of digital outputs 16
Total number of channels (module) 16
Signal type Digital
Signal type (voltage) 24 VDC
Actuator connection 16 x (1-wire)
Output characteristic high-side switching
Output current per channel 0.5 A
Output current short-circuit-protected
Switching frequency (max.) 1 kHz
Load typeResistive, inductive, lamp load
Output data width (internal) max. 16 bits
Supply voltage (system) 5 VDC; via data contacts
Current consumption (5 V system supply) 40 mA
Supply voltage (field) 24 VDC (-25 … +30 %); via power jumper contacts (power supply via blade contact;
transmission via spring contact)
Current consumption, field supply (module with no external load) 29 mA
Isolation 500 V system/field

Manufacturer Wago
Model 750-1504 16-Channel Digital Output Module
Condition New


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