SIEMENS 1FT5076-0AG71-1-Z Servo Motor

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Manufacturer: SIEMENS
Type: Servo motor
Model: 1FT5076-0AG71-1-Z
Power supply: 3 phase AC

cooling Method : Natural cooling
Rated Speed : 4000 RPM
Shaft End :With kye
WITH Holding Brake
Connector Outlet direction : transvers.right

Mo=18.0 /22.0 Nm Io=22.1 / 27.5 A 60/100K
Mn=13.0 Nn =4000PM
Nmax = 6200RPM
Brake :EBD-1.2B 24V-21.3W

Manufacturer SIEMENS
Model 1FT5076-0AG71-1-Z Servo Motor
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