SICK WL260-F270 Compact photoelectric sensors

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SICK WL260-F270 Compact photoelectric sensors

Manufacturer: SICK
Type: Compact photoelectric sensors
Model: WL260-F270

Device type Photoelectric sensors
Sensor/ detection principle Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor, Dual lens
Dimensions (W x H x D) 25 mm x 78 mm x 63 mm
Housing design (light emission) Rectangular
Sensing range max. 0.01 m … 14 m
Sensing range 0.01 m … 9.5 m /0.01 m … 11.5 m
Focus Approx. 1.7°
Type of light Visible red light
Light source LED
Light spot size (distance) Ø 240 mm (8 m)
Angle of dispersion Approx. 1.7°
Adjustment Potentiometer, 270°

Manufacturer SICK
Model WL260-F270 Compact photoelectric sensors
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