SICK DRS61-E1A08192 Incremental encoders 1035005

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Manufacturer: SICK
Type: Incremental encoders
Model: DRS61-E1A08192
Part No.: 1035005

Electrical interface: 10 V … 32 V, HTL/Push-pull
Supply voltage: 10 V … 32 V
Zero pulse width: Freely programmable
Pulses per revolution: 8,192
Measuring step 90°, electronically/ppr
Initialization time: 40 s
Output frequency: 200 Hz
Connection type Radial
Reference signal, number: 1
Mechanical design: Solid shaft, Servo flange
Shaft length: 10 mm
Operating temperature range: –20 °C … +85 °C

Manufacturer SICK
Model DRS61-E1A08192 Incremental encoders 1035005
Condition New


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