SCHNEIDER ATV312 4.0 Kw /5hp variable speed drive

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Altivar 312_ATV312HU40N4 (1)

Manufacturer: SCHNEIDER

Type: variable speed drive

Model: ATV312 4.0 Kw /5hp

Range of product Altivar 312
Product or component type Variable speed drive
Product destination Asynchronous motors
Product specific application Simple machine
Assembly style With heat sink
Component name ATV312
Motor power kW 4 kW
Motor power hp 5 hp
[Us] rated supply voltage 380…500 V – 15…10 %
Supply frequency 50…60 Hz – 5…5 %
Network number of phases 3 phases
Line current 13.9 A at 380 V, Isc = 5 kA
10.6 A at 500 V
EMC filter Integrated
Apparent power 9.2 kVA
Maximum transient current 14.3 A for 60 s
Power dissipation in W 150 W at nominal load
Speed range 1…50

Manufacturer SCHNEIDER
Model ATV312 4.0 Kw /5hp variable speed drive
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