Rtg Cleantec Tensiotest T90 SURFACTANT ANALYZER

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RTG surfactant analyzer TENSIOTEST T90 – Industry 4.0

For measuring the active cleaning substances (surfactants)


Controlsystem: SiemensS7/KTP400ComfortTOUCH Panel


Datainterface: PROFINET/OPCUA

Temperaturemeasurement: IntegratedIRthermalsensors


  • Easy and quick creation of the calibration curves (90 sec.)
  • Up to 10 calibration memory slots available
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • Practical and reliable measuring method
  • Integrated IR temperature measurement
  • Robust and durable design
  • All media-touching parts made of stainless steel/PTFE
  • Optionally available as an online variant with optional surfactant post-dosing (control circuit/dosing pump)

Optimum cleanliness results can only be achieved if there are enough active surfactants in the cleaning medium. Since the surfactants adhere to the dirt particles during the cleaning process, they are removed from the cleaning bath with them. The result: the surfactant concentration decreases and with it the cleaning effect. The usual reaction to a deteriorating cleaning result is to add more detergent. This is not effective when surfactants and alkalinity are discharged differently, since the alkalinity increases unnecessarily, which can attack the material surface of the parts and also promote foaming. It is better to re-sharpen the cleaning liquid by adding surfactants. So far, however, this has been a blind flight, because there were no practicable measurement methods

Our RTG TENSIOTEST T90 surfactant analyzer can help   . The T90 determines the content of  free  surfactants in the cleaning medium by measuring the dynamic volumetric surface tension. For this purpose, air is introduced into the cleaning medium in order to evaluate the surface tension. The robust device does not require any consumables. The use of stainless steel or PTFE for all media-touching parts guarantees a long service life.

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