PROFACE 2980070-03 Pro-Face Proface

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Manufacturer: PROFACE

Type: Pro-Face Proface

Model: 2980070-03

The PROFACE 2980070-03 Pro-face touch screen display is designed to provide real-time data visualization and control in industrial environments. It features a built-in data logging function that allows it to record and store process data for analysis and troubleshooting.

The Pro-face touch screen display is a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that allows operators to interact with machines and control systems in industrial environments. The 2980070-03 model features a 12.1-inch color TFT LCD screen, with a resolution of 800×600 pixels. It also includes a touch panel and function keys for user input, as well as communication ports for connecting to a range of devices and networks.

Manufacturer PROFACE
Model 2980070-03 Pro-Face Proface
Condition New


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