PEPPERL+FUCHS VBP-HH1 Interface Handheld

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Manufacturer: PEPPERL+FUCHS
Type: Interface Handheld
Model: VBP-HH1
Part No: G96194

PEPPERL+FUCHS VBP-HH1 Interface Handheld G96194

  • Addressing and programming AS-Interface nodes
  • Displaying the assigned node addresses and the status of the inputs
  • Setting outputs at the AS-Interface node
  • Also supports profiles S-7.7.A.7 (Spec 3.0), S-0.B and S-7.B (AS Interface Safety at Work)
  • The node connection is short-circuit and overload proof
  • Additional M12 plug for external power supply for AS-Interface and AUX
  • Connecting cable included with delivery
  • Battery charger included with delivery
Manufacturer PEPPERL + FUCHS
Model VBP-HH1 Interface Handheld G96194
Condition New


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