Kieback and Peter FBM34 Input Modules

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Technical data
Power supply 12 V DC ±20%, 50 mA, 0.6 VA
Switchable analog inputs:
for 4 inputs 0..10 V DC, Ri 200 kΩ
or 4 inputs for KP10 measuring element
Bus connection Fieldbus, max. 2000m
Address selector Addressing 01..63 by 2 rotary switches
Displays 2 LEDs Green BUSY LED: Flashing = transmission of
bus data
ERROR LED red: Bus error
Switch Selection between 4 x 0..10V DC or 4 x KP10 measuring element
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature 0..45°C
Mounting on standard support rail DIN EN 50022 (35 x 7.5mm),
recessed in an electrical distribution box or switchboard
of distribution.

Manufacturer Kieback and Peter
Model FBM34 Input Modules
Condition Used


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