FESTO CHIRON HGPD-25-A-G2 Parallel gripper 1132944

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Manufacturer: FESTO CHIRON
Type: HGPD-25-A-G2
Model:Parallel gripper
ID No:1132944


Size 25
Stroke per gripper jaws: 6 mm
Max. replacement accuracy: 0.2 mm
Max. angular gripper jaw backlash ax, ay: 0.1 deg
Max. gripper jaw backlash Sz :0.02 mm
Rotationally symmetrical: 0.2 mm
Repetition accuracy, gripper:0.04 mm
Number of gripper jaws: 2
Drive system : Pneumatic

Manufacturer CHIRON, FESTO
Model HGPD-25-A-G2 Parallel gripper 1132944
Condition New


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