ELTEX KSH-230/40 Power Supply 

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Manufacturer: ELTEX
MODEL: KSH-230/40
Type: Power Supply

The ELTEX KSH-230/40 is a high frequency step-down transformer designed for use in various electronic applications,
including power supply and voltage conversion circuits.
Here are some of the technical specifications for the ELTEX KSH-230/40 transformer:

Electrical specifications:

Input voltage: 220-240 V AC
Output voltage: 12 V AC
Rated power: 40 VA
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Isolation voltage: 4 kV AC
Mechanical specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 77 x 68 x 51 mm
Weight: approx. 620 g
Mounting: DIN rail or screw mounting
The ELTEX KSH-230/40 transformer is a compact and reliable solution for various electronic applications that require a step-down transformer.
It provides high efficiency and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) to ensure stable and reliable performance in a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Manufacturer ELTEX
Model ELTEX KSH-230/40 Power Supply 
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