DATALOGIC S51-PA-2-A00-NK Photoelectric sensor

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DATALOGIC S51-PA-2-A00-NK Photoelectric sensor

Manufacturer: DATALOGIC
Type: Photoelectric sensor
Model: S51-PA-2-A00-NK

Reflex plastic axial NPN l/d input – 2 mt cable

Photoelectric sensor, Retroreflective, NPN – Dark/Light sel., 2 m cable

Optic function Retroreflective
Light emission LED – Infrared
Sensing range max  1< …≤ 10 m
Controlled height NULL
Setting NULL
Power supply 10…30 VDC
Output type NPN
Connection type 2 m cable
Case form M18 tubular
Case material Plastic
Protection IP67

Manufacturer DATALOGICDL
Model S51-PA-2-A00-NK Photoelectric sensor
Condition New


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