ABB JSTD1-B Safe ball with two contacts

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Manufacturer: ABB
Type: Safe ball with two contacts
Model: JSTD1-B

JSTD1-B is a Safeball with two contacts, 1NO and 1NC, and 4 wires, 0.2m, for direct connection into an enclosure. Its ergonomic design provides several grip possibilities, a low activation force of approximately 2N, and flexible mounting possibilities. This model allows a maximum load of 30VDC, 2A resistive. It offers an IP67 protection degree. Its body is made of polypropylene.
Safeball is an ergonomic control device consisting of a spherical ball containing two pushbuttons, one on each side of the ball. Both buttons must be pressed in order to start and operate the machine. The risk of unintentional activation is thereby minimized
Usually two Safeball are used together to form a two-hand control, and the operator must press all four push buttons simultaneously in order to operate the machine. If one or more of the buttons are released, a stop signal is given to the machine.

Manufacturer ABB
Model JSTD1-B Safe ball with two contacts
Condition New


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