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Manufacturer: SCHNEIDER TAC
Model: XENTA 282
Art No.: 0-073-0031-0


  • The Xenta 280 controller is available with three different I/O configurations, the TAC Xenta 281, 282, and 283.
  • The controller communicates on a LonTalk TP/FT-10 network via a twisted-pair, unpolarized cable. It is able to operate as astandalone unit and can be easily connected to a large LonWorks based network.
  • The controller unit consists of two parts; a terminal part with screw terminals, and electronics with the circuit boards.


  • a family of freely programmable controllers designed for zone control or small-sized heating and air handling systems.
  • contains basic HVAC functionality including control loops, curves, time control, alarm handling
  • LonMark Functional Profile: Plant Controller


Interoperability: LonMark Interop. Guidelines v 3.0
Mounting: The TAC Xenta 280 is cabinet mounted on a TS 35 mm Norm rail EN 50 022.
Supply Voltage: 24 V AC, 19–40 V DC

Digital Input
Voltage across open contact: 33 V DC
Current through closed contact: 4 mA

Universal Input
Voltage across open contact: 26 V DC
Current through closed contact: 4 mA

Voltage inputs: 0 – 10 V DC
TAC thermistor sensor: 1.8 kΩ
Measuring range: -50 … 150 °C
Digital Outputs: up to 230 V AC
Analog Outputs: 0 … 10 V DC
Dimensions (length x width x height ): 177 mm x 104 mm x 68 mm
Accuracy: ±12 minutes per year
TAC Menta; modem, 9600 bps, RS-232, RJ-45
TAC Xenta OP,TP/FT-10, modular jack
Protection Class: IP 20
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 0 … 50 °C
Weight: 0.32 kg

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Model XENTA 282
Art No. 0-073-0031-0
Condition New
Shelf No. 200203


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