Twist drills are the most common and easiest way to put a hole in steel, wood or other non-ferrous materials with a drill bit but with so many options to choose from it is important that you use the correct one for your specific application.
Choosing the proper design for the application particularly in high volume applications can be a cost saving decision.  High speed steel (HSS) is the general purpose tool and fits many short run and maintenance jobs. Our engineers and sales team, can assist you choosing the right tool for your material.
Jobber Length Drills, Screw Machine Length Drills, Taper Shank Drills
Combination Drills – Counter Sinks, Cobalt Drill Bits and Drill set and much more are available in our warehouses, diameters from 0.5 MM up to 75 MM.

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Powerful right-hand cutting high-performance drill with distinctive heat resistance. Ideal for drilling high-strength stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steel.
Available diameters: M1 – M13

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